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Face and Neck device for microcirculation

All-in-one solution to skin problems

  • Increases circulation for neck lymph nodes
  • Remove swelling
  • Promoe microcirculation
  • inhibit inflammation and remove acne
  • Works against wrinkles
  • Encourage collagen
  • Renew damaged and aging skin
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Hold button to turn on device, push the button once to change between modes. Vibration starts when you using device and touching your neck or face.

Best to use regullary and with your favorite topical product. We recommend to use with serum Botox-Power for anti aging effect.

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How It Works
  • Without use of device

    Using traditional manual massage, nutrients stay on the surface and cannot be effectively absorbed.

  • Usage of device

    Use of device with vibration and sonic ion exchange help skin better absorb nutrients.

  • Result: Smooth and renewed skin

    Using device regullary along with quality products from Swiss Power helps revitalize your skin inside out.

  • Combine massage with 3 intensities to remove the dirt from the skin layer and slow skin aging.

    Positive and negative ions

    The principle of absorption of positive and negative ions is used to remove dirt in deep pores and clean them thoroughly


    Mechanical vibration and tension stimulation is used to tighten skin, increase elasticity and increase metabolism.


    45°C hot massage promotes absorption so that wrinkles can be stretched, and the skin becomes more voluminous

  • 3 modes correspond to 3 kinds of color light

    Clean mode (CLEAN)

    It can effectively improve skin problems, reduce acne and pimples, and help kill bacteria.

    EMS mode (EMS) 

    Red light. It can promote microcirculation of the body surface, drain lymphatic, and evacuate swelling.

    Moist mode (HOT)

    Blue light. Can effectively stimulate the skin, revitalize collagen, improve dark skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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