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Face and Neck device + Swiss Power Serum

Making natural ingredients even more powerful

Try our Regenerating Face and Eye Revitalizing Serum Concentrate with Natural Ingredients in combination with our Face and Neck Massager for maximum effect.

The natural ingredients are 100% safe for our skin, but it takes longer for them to take effect. Therefore, we recommend using the Tool if you want to see results faster.

  • The red mode of the device helps the serum to get deeper and more active
  • The blue mode of the device prepares the skin for serum application by disinfection

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Face and Neck device + Swiss Power Serum
Frequently purchased:

Use the blue mode to kill the bacteria

Select the blue light mode on your device to kill the accumulated bacteria on your face.

Apply the serum

The serum is extremely concentrated, so 1-2 pumpings of product are enough for the whole face. We gently incorporate this into our skin with upward movements.

Use red mode for deeper penetration

After applying the serum, the device performs the same sequence of upward movements, and in this phase the red color mode is selected.


Customer Reviews
  • Regenerating Face and Eye Revitalizing Serum Concentrate with Natural Ingredients

    Grape seed oil based serum refines texture and enhances skin hydration. Paraben and alcohol FREE.

  • Face and Neck Massager

    Different modes, vibrations and positive / negative ion exchange make this device an all-in-one solution to skin problems.

  • Deep penetration of serum by device

    It is very important to use only a combination of natural cosmetics for this device, because it makes it extremely effective, and if the cream contains other ingredients (which you don’t want to use), they can also have a deep effect.

  • The principle of absorption of positive and negative ions is used to remove and thoroughly clean impurities from deep pores


    Mechanical vibration and tension stimulation is used to tighten the skin, increase its elasticity and increase metabolism.


    A 45 ° C hot massage promotes absorption, allowing wrinkles to stretch and leaving skin fuller

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