For many years, I saw a familiar, unpleasant image in the mirror when I woke up in the morning – puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. No matter how much makeup I would put on, puffiness stayed there. Then, I tried this skincare Concentrate and puffiness started to reduce, and dark circles lighten up...

Since this skin aesthetic problem in my case is also related to family genetics, I thought at first that nothing can actually help me. And I really haven't been bothered much until puffiness and dark circles started to get worse. Things were under control, I put some powder concealer on to cover it and the problem was solved at that time. But then with years and more stressful days, the condition began to worsen – puffiness increased, dark circles became a little darker, and sometimes they didn't disappear until late afternoon.

Of course, you are worried, and you try everything and hope for just a small difference. No product actually worked. Only a good night's sleep and healthy food helped with puffiness, but not with dark circles. When I tried basically everything I started to think that it would be a good idea to seek advice from a Beauty Counsellor.

Then the Swiss Power Caffeine Concentrate was presented to me … I always do good research before I use products on my skin. So I did it on Caffeine Concentrate. I was also very curious about what science has to say about ingredients. I knew right away that this product is different. Nevertheless, I had very little hope...

Despite that, Swiss Power Caffeine Concentrate worked!

After a little bit more than 14 days of use, puffiness was slightly reduced. But I have been really excited because dark circles started to lose their dark purple color and brightened a little. Even though they haven't disappeared completely (yet 🙂 ) this is a great success!

Why Caffeine Concentrate works?

Well, first, it contains two very powerful ingredients supported by science. Caffeine and Carrageenan. Both work, of course, if dark circles and puffiness are cosmetic issues and not a symptom of a medical condition.

The culprit of dark circles is usually the stagnation of blood in the tiny capillaries under the eyes which you can see as dark purple color. But not enough hydration is a second cause.

Caffeine boosts the blood circulation of the skin under the eyes and carrageenan deeply hydrates it. In fact, carrageenan forms a hydrogel structure that maintains skin moisture the whole day and night, and this is what we actually want. Caffeine (1%), as a second ingredient, makes sure blood under the eyes regularly circulates, which gives you a healthy and fresh look.

This Concentrate will also help you with skin redness, irritated skin, wrinkles, and fine lines and even with prevention/improvement of cellulite.

And it is completely natural!

I always use products that are natural, and this Concentrate is.