Under eye bags are unsightly, they make you look tired and drawn out, as well as make you appear older than you are. It's a problem most people have as they age, but it doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. But before you apply under-eye bag creams, and natural remedies, and engage in preventive measures, you need to know what causes them in the first place.

Why do you have under eye bags? Why are they puffy, sagging, and dark? If you've always wondered why you have them, here are the 3 leading causes of under eye bags you should know:

The 3 Leading Causes of Under Eye Bags

1. Lack of Sleep

A good night's sleep can make your eyes look well-rested. It is during slumber that your tissues regenerate, and this includes the skin tissues around your eyes. Excess fluid build-up around your eyes can happen when you don't get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, causing dark and puffy under-eye circles.

Stress, alcohol, and smoking can cause a lack of sleep, so make sure you avoid these as much as possible. The nicotine in cigarettes can disrupt sleep patterns, and it also causes the breakdown of skin elasticity and collagen production, which causes the skin to dry up and lose its firmness.

2. You Are Dehydrated

Dehydration can make your skin troubles worse. They make your skin dry and hollow, causing the skin around your eyes to wrinkle and sag. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to maintain good hydration for a radiant glow. You can also consume water-rich foods such as watermelons, cucumbers, and spinach, which can help boost your body's hydration levels.

3. Aging and Eye bags

As people get older, the tissues around the eyes get weaker. These skin tissues and muscles are there to hold the eyelids, and as we age, they naturally and progressively lose their ability to tighten and get firm. This can explain why the skin around the eyes get thinner as you age, therefore, sagging and creating under-eye bags.

Heredity also plays a big part in under-eye bags as you age. If your parents had under-eye bags, it's more than likely you'll also have them as you age.

Remedies and Preventive Measures for Under-Eye Bags

Just because you'll inevitably get them as you age, or due to genetics, or you're simply dehydrated and not getting enough sleep, doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. There are preventive measures and remedies you can apply to minimise your under-eye bags. Here are some things you can do:

1. Decrease Your Intake Of Salt

Just like how lack of sleep can increase water retention, too much intake of salt can also cause puffiness. Fluid deposition can occur under your eyes, leading to unsightly under-eye bags.

2. Treat Your Allergic Rhinitis

Allergies can also cause puffiness, especially if your sinuses are inflamed. When they are inflamed, they cause puffiness around the eyes. A runny nose and red eyes can also cause under-eye bags when you're constantly blowing your nose and rubbing your eyelids. Take antihistamines when your allergies are acting up.

3. Apply Under-Eye product

eye bags and swiss+power caffeine concentrate

Under-eye products that help tighten and improve the firmness of the muscles and tissues around the eyes can help. Search for products that contain caffeine and other natural ingredients that are known to tighten the skin tissues around the eyes, minimising under-eye bags and sagging.

SWISS+POWER has developed a unique under eye product called Caffeine Concentrate that combines two most effective ingredients - caffeine extract and carrageenan which in combination with other active ingredients cause under eye bags to quickly fade (within days) and completely disappear. You will not find those two ingredients together in any other under eye product on the market!

Don't be a victim of under eye bags and look older than you are. Give your face the look of rest and youth with remedies that reduce problematic under-eye bags. By treating them with products such as Caffeine Concentrate, as well as improvements in your diet and lifestyle, you can prevent and treat your under-eye bag problems with ease.

Is Caffeine Concentrate for you? You'll only know once you give it a try. If it doesn’t work, there’s a money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry. It just may be the best money you’ve ever spent.