Looking for the best makeup application tips to help yourself appear younger? Are you looking to start your makeup journey and don't know where to begin? Well, let us help you. Below, we have curated our top five makeup application tips to help you cover the appearance of ageing. That will also help you appear more youthful!

Are you making those mistakes? (If so, we have suggestions)

1. Opt For A Lighter Foundation

If you are feeling particularly insecure, it is understandable that you may wish to cover up your face with a heavy duty foundation option. But you must try to fight this urge. Instead, choose a light coverage foundation or even a BB or CC cream that will simply work to even out your skin tone. And if you wish to achieve a more youthful effect, opt for a 'brightening' or 'luminous' foundation that will help you glow from within.

2. It Is About Concealing The Right Places, Not The Most Places

One of the most hard to learn lessons in makeup is where the right places to conceal are. Not only does concealer have the power to hide areas of your face that you have problems with, but it can also help to lift and brighten specific areas if used correctly. For instance, most women will find their under-eye to be one of the most self-conscious and disliked areas of their face. 

This could be because of dark under-eye circles or wrinkles. Your natural instinct will tell you to cover the area as much as possible to hide these 'imperfections'. Instead, if you conceal the tops of your cheekbones rather than directly under your eye, the concealer will work to manipulate how light reflects off of your face. This will both hide any dark under-eye circles as well as help lift up your facial structure.

3. Always Define Those Brows

Whether you have been noticing your eyebrows becoming lighter as you get older, or perhaps they are growing sparser as you age, then do not forget that there is a wide range of eyebrow maintaining and defining tools that you have available at your disposal. When you are applying makeup to your eyebrows, you need to consider two individual aspects. 

The first being that you are defining your eyebrow correctly, as this can provide additional shaping to your face and could even help create the appearance of an additional lift. And also you need to consider how full you wish your eyebrows to appear. Typically, fuller eyebrows can make an individual appear more youthful, but it also depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

4. Lip Liner Is Your New Best Friend

Focusing more on your facial structure rather than any skin 'imperfections' you may feel like you have, it is only natural that our lip definition fades as we get older. Thankfully, we also have lip liner to save the day. Using a lip liner, and even opting for one that looks like your natural lip colour for no makeup days, will make a vast difference and help define your facial features further.

5. Priming Is Everything

Before you apply any makeup, it is key to first prime your skin. Most consider this to be the first key step that should never be missed when it comes to applying makeup as an older woman. By adding a primer to your makeup routine, you will be creating the perfect even canvas to apply your makeup to. Primer itself is considered one of the major aids of makeup users when it comes to smoothing out and covering fine lines and wrinkles. If your aim is to minimise your wrinkles and lines, then opting for an oil, serum, or hydrating based primer is your best bet.

6. Forgetting to moisturise before applying makeup

Always moisturise your face, before you apply any cosmetics to your skin. 

Using an all-natural moisturiser like our SWISS+POWER Active Moisturizing and Firming Face Cream gives your skin a healthy radiance. It also creates a protective layer between your skin, your makeup, sunscreen or other chemicals you may apply to your face. 

Of course, a useful and consistent skincare routine should be the first change anyone makes when they are hoping to appear younger the older they become. 

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