Dark circles can be a sign of major health issues. They can be associated with many diseases, which, unless treated on time, can pose significant concerns in the future. Besides lack of sleep, prolonged screen time, and lack of nutrition in the body, there are many conditions and bad habits that can trigger dark circles under the eye. Here’s a compilation of a few of them that you must get rid of to say goodbye to the dark circles fast and effectively: 

1. Stress

Stress is an unstated yet significant cause of dark circles under the eyes. When a person is under stress, blood is not evenly distributed to their face. This makes a face look pale and washed-out, and the vessels under the eye become more evident, as a result of which dark circles are formed. Usually, it is accompanied by a dark-purple pigmentation, which takes away from the beauty and glow of the face.

Besides this, a person under stress usually ends up not having sufficient sleep. Lack of proper sleep and rest causes inadequate energy, exhaustion, and worst of all — dark circles!

2. Sun Exposure

Prolonged sun exposure causes the formation of excessive melanin around the eye. This results in pigmentation under the eye, leading to the appearance of dark circles. The pigmentation irregularities can appear anywhere on the face but are most prominent under the eye. This happens because the skin under the eye is one of the most sensitive areas and also the thinnest. As a person grows older, the skin around their eye naturally gets more delicate.

Hence, these reasons make it very important for people to protect their skin from getting exposed under the skin constantly. Putting copious amounts of sunscreen with high SPF, wearing heat-protecting goggles, and avoiding going under the sun during peak hours are some of the easiest ways through which a person can avoid the brunt of the sun.

3. Smoking and Drinking

Dark circles tend to appear under the eye when one indulges in excessive consumption of alcohol. This happens because the small blood vessels under the eye tend to expand, making the dark circles more prominent. Smoking is also a factor that can worsen dark circles under the eyes. Smokers are usually extremely dehydrated, which heightens the likeliness of dark circles appearing under the eyes. Uncontrolled alcohol drinking and smoking can be a reason for premature aging and wrinkle formation. The skin gets dry, the blood flow around the face reduces, and the skin becomes discolored and pigmented.

4. Water Deficiency

Lack of hydration is one of the most prominent reasons for dark circles under the eyes. Water deficiency causes an irregular flow of blood across the face. Also, drinking plenty of water helps in the flushing out of all the toxins and substances from the body that deters the skin from looking healthy and youthful. When one consumes enough water, it helps clear f the skin, as a result of which the dark circles naturally become lighter and eventually fade away. Besides this, water also helps in absorption, circulation, and other naturally-occurring body cycles.

Other reasons that can cause dark circles under the eyes include:

  • Skin inflammation.
  • Aging.
  • Genetics.
  • Fatigue.
  • Mental issues like anxiety and depression.
  • Allergies.
  • Hormonal changes and more.

Some intelligent and straightforward ways by which one can reduce the appearance of dark circles are as follows:

  • Adhering to a proper sleep schedule.
  • Soothing the eye using slices of cucumbers or ice packs.
  • Applying almond oil and massaging the under-eye area.
  • Using Vitamin C on the face.
  • Moisturizing the face using natural serum, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Investing in good under-eye products and religiously following a skin-care ritual.

Final Words

If you are told that you can get rid of the dark circles under your eyes overnight or in a span of one to two days, it is a marketing gimmick. The process is gradual and is only achieved if done consistently. Skipping the aforementioned habits, inculcating healthy lifestyle habits into your routine, and giving your eye the extra care and love it deserves are the only way to get back the natural charm of your face!