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Active Moisturizing and Firming Face Cream

With rare fruit for maximum effect 50 ml

Add a secret weapon to your skincare routine with this Active Moisturizing and Firming Face Cream that moisturizes and firms your skin to make you look younger than ever. Gentle enough to be used on all skin types, this face cream will have all of your friends and family wondering how you look so young. 

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Step 1: Cleanse your face with a cleansing gel

Wash your face as usual, we recommend using Swiss Power Natural Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera.


Step 2: Apply face cream

Apply to clean and dry face and neck every morning, warm up with hands and apply from bottom to top.


Step 3: Observe smoother and softer skin

The first results can be felt almost immediately after applying the cream. We recommend regular and consistent use of the product to achieve the promised anti-aging results.

Intensely hydrated, smoother, and softer skin that will last for at least 24 hours.

Figure (a) Before 
Figure (b) After 1 week of use

Customer Reviews
How It Works
  • Kigelia Africana

    This rare ingredient is found only in high-quality skincare products. With the ability to heal wounds and reduce irritation, Kigelia Africana gives this cream its firming and toning power.

  • Niacinamide

    Ideal for protecting against external damages to your skin, Niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles while eliminating signs of age. By eliminating dark spots, hyperpigmentation and other signs of age, your smooth and glowing skin will have you turning heads.

  • Soapbark

    Naturally antibacterial, Soapbark deeply purifies your skin while gently allowing it to rebuild even stronger. Perfect for attaining a healthy and youthful glow, this Active Moisturizing and Firming Face Cream leaves your skin fresh and luxurious.

  • Leaves Skin Feeling Smooth and Soft

    With ingredients like Niacinamide and Soapbark, this face cream is perfect for removing years of external damage from your skin. With continuous use, this cream will leave your skin soft and smooth as it firms and prevents sagging.

  • The Perfect Base for Your Daily Makeup Routine

    With its intensely hydrating capabilities and age-reducing powers, this face cream is the perfect addition to the start of your daily makeup routine. Apply it underneath your foundation to keep your skin healthy and your makeup in place all day long.

  • Long-Lasting Moisture for a Youthful Glow

    This ultra-hydrating face cream gives you a youthful glow that will last all day long. Its moisturizing properties remove the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from your skin while keeping it plump and healthy-looking.

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