About us

SWISS+POWER is a Nutricosmetics startup that uses proven ingredients and knowledge to develop innovative complete solutions for various skin and health concerns. 

We started our journey in 2015 when we first developed an anti-aging serum with Botox effect but made completely from natural ingredients which was an immediate success on the market. 

The body and skin are complex systems of organs, tissues, and cells and require a great deal of nutrients and skincare to keep it healthy and young-looking, skincare alone does not cut it. At SWISS+POWER we understand that Beauty is from Within that’s why we develop and produce complete systems of products for REAL RESULTS.

Our slogan is well known and it’s a core of everything we do: No miracles - just science

We keep the number of ingredients in our products to a bare minimum, make sure they are clean and cruelty-free, and what is most importantly they have been clinically proven to be effective! Our packaging is clean and simple but distinctive the same as our products. Seeing the positive impact we've made on people's lives continues to inspire us every day.

Since then we developed various new products and bundles for skin concerns such as wrinkles, eye bags, and acne combining high-tech LED light therapy in combination with skincare products and supplements – For a complete transformation.

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